Pilot Project Swillgasser

Based on Enki Energy’s R&D efforts the very first fully-automated biodigester based on our (biological) process was built in 2011. The name of this digester is ‘Swillgasser’. Read more about this pilot here under the header: Hotel-restaurant Van der Valk te Cuijk (Hotel Cuijk).

Swillgasser with process design by Enki Energy    Swilgasser process is property of Enki Energy

(The website www.swillgasser.nl is no longer in use.)

The key to the Swilgasser’s success is the biology of the system. Curious  how this works? read more on Enki Energy’s biology here. Also, take a look at our other projects. This will give you an idea of the wide use of our processes.

‘Swillgasser’ pilot project summary

Process and Biology belong to the IP of Enki Energy.

Hardware (incl. control panel) has been realized by Huisman Etech Experts.

Since September 2011 the food waste (swill) of Hotel Cuijk has been converted into biogas. On May 04, 2018, the Swillgasser in Cuijk has been turned off, thereby finishing a test period of 7.5 years.

(A process sketch (from former website www.swillgasser.com) is shown below )

Process scheme from former website swillgasser.com