Products & Services


Enki Energy offers, often in close cooperation with its partner(s), the following products:

WP_20141202_15_27_15_ProSemi-automatic bioreactors 

  • Especially suitable for demonstration, tests and research purposes
  • Different sizes available from 50 to 7000 liters
  • Automatized in different gradations possible
  • Robust and mobile
  • Reliable and easy to operate




Automated bioreactors for kitchenwaste (Swillgasser) 

  • Fully automated bioreactor starting from 3 m3, also available in a container:
  • Especially suitable for restaurants, hotels and catering firms (ca. 50-500 kg organic waste/day)
  • If required (modular) made in a container, easily to move and to be fit in into the existing situation
  • Stand-alone; fully automated
  • Completely closed reactor; No malodorous gases; Safe
  • No transport of waste



Automated bioreactors for specific purposes starting from 15 m3 to 200 m3

  • Appropriate for vegetable and fruit growers, food processing industry (starting from 2 m3/week)
  • Easy to connect; plug-and-play
  • Ideal for local usage and local use of biogas
  • Complete organic waste treatment with reuse of water and digestate
  • Free of malodourous gases and pathogens
  • No waste transport costs


Automatische bioreactoren voor specifieke toepassingen vanaf 15 m3 tot 200 m3Enki-biogas-H2S-filter

  • Compact and robust
  • Reduces H2S in biogas to <2 ppm
  • Reliable
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Safe



Unique features of our anaerobic installations are:

  • Modular approach for flexible operation
  • Compact, competitive pricing
  • Optimized bacterial cultures for improved performance and short treatment times
  • Only natural micro-organisms
  • Easy to operate
  • Dedicated pH-control mechanism: No storage of acids or base
  • Many feeds (release currents) are possible



Enki Energy offers the following services:


Exploratory experiments on the digestibility of waste streams6
Do you consider installing a fermenter? We have the know-how and facilities to carry out experiments thereby creating insight into the possibilities of your specific application.

Investigating the (local) usage of biogas

Consultancy activities regarding fermentation and waste disposalENKI Energy
We have extended knowhow and experience on (an)aerobic fermentation, biology, chemistry, and engineering. We will be glad to assist you in the process of waste disposal and construction of a fermentation system.

(Re)use of raw materials, water and energy

Consultancy in the process of acquiring the neededpermits for operating
bioreactors and treating waste streams

We offer support in case of licensing of bioreactors, certification of digestate, use of biogas and disposal of waste water.

Maintenance of existing reactors